Friday, April 28, 2017

(4/23) Another hiccup

This is the fifth in a series of backdated blog posts.

Our application now works with all methods, though we did suffer another setback last week. We host the server component of our application on a virtual machine managed by NMT's Computer Science department, which had its storage machines go down Monday of this week. Because of this, many machines' hard drives went into read-only mode, including the machine hosting our server. Even though our machine was restarted, our Tomcat instance was not, and so no students were able to sign in Monday. We compensated for the delay by holding two sessions, so this didn't affect our schedule.

Our application is also in the review process for the Apple App Store, which means that, proctoring the last few sessions and performing data analysis aside, we've basically reached the end of our project. I'll make a post next week detailing the work done on the server side, and our continuing research after the end of this year's CREU program.


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