Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Progress Update

Last week Jacqui and I went to the poster workshop.  So that we could get ideas for creating out poster for the Student Research Symposium.  They also said there would be more workshops to attend and we could go to the Writing Center for help.

We had a meeting on Friday.  Zheng told us that Jacqui and I would be going to the Grace Hopper conference in Baltimore.  He said we should start looking into and setting up reservations.

While programming the color feature, I ran into a few problems.  My code refused to compile once I added a color photo to the project. I changed the path to the photo within the code, however, syntactically the path was written wrong for the linux operating system.  Once this was fixed we also determined that the rest of the program wouldn't accept the color feature code due to the fact that the color features are based on 3D instead of the 2D that the grayscale photos are based on.

Yang was able to change the code so that it would work for the color feature.

~ Kaitlyn