Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Progress Update

Jacqui and I got together to go over the code for the project.  We each had trouble getting the code to compile.  While looking at the code we gathered information on which we thought may have been causing the compilation errors. We noticed that the file paths were different in many places and weren't sure which we needed to change (if all).  

We were able to meet with Yang about this.  He showed us which lines we needed to change.  Once I changed these lines I was able to compile the code.  

Another issue I ran into is that I don't have enough memory on my school account to process all of the photos.  I was hoping to be able to get a matlab version for my home computer, however, I have not been able to do that.  Dr. Zheng said that it is ok if I just use one or two pictures to start processing my code.  Once it works for these couple of pictures I could hand the code over to Yang for full testing over all of the pictures.  

As for now I am working on the RGB color feature.

- Kaitlyn

Meeting - January 20, 2011

Back from break!!!

This semester Dr. Zheng said that Kaitlyn and Jacqui will start working a lot more with implementation.  We will start by implementing color features.  We will each work on different features.

We also decided that we will work with Yang to go over how to turn the knowledge from the color features papers into code.  We will also discuss which files and the placement of the code.

Dr. Zheng also wanted Kaitlyn and Jacqui to get together to figure out the plans for the conference reservations.  We will be going to the conference on April 16th through the 18th.  We will be staying at the Flamingo hotel and flying out to Vegas using Southwest airlines.