Thursday, November 17, 2011

Progress Update

I have finished reading all of the papers (excluding the color features papers that were recently sent).  Since I received the program, I have been reviewing the code to understand it better.
I also reviewed and submitted changes on the ITNG paper submission.

I will continue to go through the code and I will make some changes so that I can start testing it.  I will be comparing my results with our previous results as well as the results received by the use of the DCT method.  I will also read the color features papers so that I can get ideas in order to implement color features within our code when we are ready.


Matlab Code Meeting - Monday, November 14

Yang sent Kaitlyn and Jacqui the commented code.  During the meeting, Yang discussed the flow of the project, the changes Kaitlyn and Jacqui needed to make to test different images to try to receive better results.  He also discussed the naming method for the photographs.

Yang also showed us a flow chart he created that was based on the program code.  It showed the structure of the code from multiple files and what those particular files are being used for.

Meeting - Friday, November 4

We discussed the paper we were submitting to ITNG 2012.  We reviewed some of the methods we were using in our program as well as some of our early results.  As of now our results are showing more improvement in copy-move forgery than the DCT method.

Dr. Zheng said he would be sending a couple more papers on color features for Jaqui and Kaitlyn to read.  We also agreed to meet again to go over the program code.