Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finishing Touches

Hey everyone!

As we come to the close of March, we have been coming closer and closer to the end of the design phase of  the user study. We have come up with and have almost finalized the entire user study. As predicted earlier we have not come up with a study that was going to take too much time as a convenience to the users who will participate in the study. The convenience to the users will not however come at a cost to the information that will be gathered by the study.

Keeping the study concise we believed will keep the users focused and answering the best way that reflects the way they truly feel versus merely answering question to get the study over with. Finalizing the user study and the methods to be used to conduct the study will not allow us to submit our IRB form in order to receive permission to conduct the user study since we will be using human participants.

Our next steps from now are to finish up the study in the next few days, submit the IRB for approval by our institution, and then move on to actually conducting the study.

Until next time.