Monday, April 30, 2012

ITNG Conference Photos

Here are a couple of photos we took at the Las Vegas ITNG Conference.

~ Kaitlyn

Friday, April 27, 2012

Post-Vegas Update

The ITNG 2012 conference in Vegas was quite a learning experience. Yang did a great job presenting our Wavelet paper.

Kate and I attended one session each day of the conference, including ours (Image and Audio Processing Applications), Information Security and Privacy, and Social Computing. While most of the presentations were interesting, I feel we learned another lesson from the presenters: what not to do during a presentation, and what not to wear. Dr. Zheng told us the dress code was business professional, so it was kind of funny to see some of the presenters wearing jeans.

We had our last official meeting of the semester today. Our final report for CREU is due May 4, so Kate and I will get that done this weekend. Dr. Zheng also informed us of his research proposal for next semester. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, what with Senior Design and the potential of working 20 hours a week looming.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Progress Update

The past few weeks have been really busy.  
Jacqui and I finished writing the code for three color features.  The opponent histogram, the rghistogram, and the transformed color distribution.  The first color feature, the opponent histogram, has been tested.  It works fairly well, however, we need to continue to adjust some of the parameters in order to get more accurate results.

Jacqui and I have also been working on getting ready for the Student Research Symposium (SRS).  We went to a workshop to get tips on writing an extended abstract.  We then worked on a draft for the extended abstract.  Each of us worked on separate sections within the abstract.  I worked on the introduction and methods sections and Jacqui worked on the results and discussion and conclusion sections.  Once we finished the draft both Yang and Dr. Zheng reviewed it and suggested changes.  We finalized the document and turned that in.

The SRS was held yesterday, Friday April 13, 2012.  Jacqui and I presented our poster, which turned out very well.  We had many viewers.  Many also seemed intrigued with the research we were doing.  Some official reviewers came by to view our presentation.  The head of the SRS said we would be receiving the critiques from these reviewers sometime after the symposium.

We are headed to Las Vegas, Nevada tomorrow.  We are attending a conference.  Dr. Zheng said our main presentation will be held on Monday around 10am.  Jacqui and I will also be attending some of the seminars there.

~ Kaitlyn