Friday, April 28, 2017

(3/26) Return from conference and Spring Break

I have some catching up to do-- this is the first in a series of backdated posts detailing what I've done in the month since we returned from our conference.

Eugene's conference debriefing post contains most of what we did during SITE 2017, but he did mention that we had to take some time the day of our presentation to work more on our application.

As we were preparing to present, we needed to conduct a final test of our application to confirm everything was working correctly. Unfortunately, we were suddenly unable to record our attendance in the session even though everything had worked perfectly just two days prior. It took about 30 minutes to discover that we had been using the phone's local time to determine whether a session was open, or whether students were on time, late or absent-- this meant that with the shift to Austin's time zone, no class sessions were seen as available! This also could have allowed students who were late or absent to manipulate their phone's clock to appear as if they were on time, so we were glad to discover this bug, even at such an inconvenient time.

Once again, we're very grateful to CREU for funding our travel and to Dr. Kuo for accompanying us to SITE 2017.


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